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WBS Player Move Up Policy

Provision 1: Move-ups at request of player or parent. 

Background: Every year WBS receives requests from parents/player for move-ups. It is recognized that every year there may be WBS players that have a higher level of skill than those within their age-appropriate leagues. For these players their skills can only be strengthened through providing them a place to play and compete at a higher level. If allowed to move-up these players will gain the opportunity to play with others of similar skills and abilities. In addition, these players present an increased potential risk of injury when competing against their age-appropriate peers with substantially weaker skill sets. Furthermore, WBS needs to stay competitive with the surrounding towns in our district. Currently, Southbury and Oxford allow player move-ups. WBS is at risk of losing players to other towns as a result of denying players the opportunity to play at a level appropriate to their abilities. 

To request player move-up, a parent must submit a formal written request to have the player evaluated for move-up. The players would then need to be formally evaluated and a decision made as to whether they have the necessary skills and abilities to move up to the next higher league. For leagues that have tryouts, the potential move-ups must attend the league tryout session to be evaluated alongside every other player. The results of this evaluation would serve as the basis for approval or disapproval of player move-up for Minors and Majors. Players will be evaluated by League Directors who will pass their recommendation to a Move-Up committee comprised of our President, Player Agent, and Safety Director. The Move-Up Committee will make final approvals for move-ups. All approvals must be in place before any draft can be conducted. 

For T-ball to Rookie move-ups a formal written request must be submitted to the league directors of T-ball and Rookie leagues. Move-ups at this level can occur after the initial draft based upon manager and parent request. 

Players must complete at least one season at their age-appropriate level before requesting a move-up. Move-ups are restricted by age in the following cases: 

  • No 5 year olds are eligible to play Rookies 
  • No 7 year olds are eligible to play Minors 
  • No 9 year olds are eligible to play Majors 
  • No 11 year olds are eligible to play Seniors 

Provision 2: Move-ups as necessary to ensure the best interests of WBS baseball/softball players, teams and leagues are served. 

Background: Current policy already allows for player move-ups from Cal Ripken T-ball to Rookie league and across all Babe Ruth softball leagues when deemed necessary to serve the best interests of these WBS leagues and teams. Provision 2 of this proposal simply expands upon current policy to include all Cal Ripken leagues. Approval of move-ups will require the signature of the parent/guardian of player(s) to be moved, the losing and gaining league directors (if any), player agent, safety director, and league president. 

Conditions of Policy: 

  • That no changes be made to the format of the gaining league based upon any player move-up.
  • Any approved move-up will be from the age-appropriate league to the next higher league only, i.e. no skipping of a league.
  • Any player applying for move-up must have completed one season in their age-appropriate league.
  • No player will be moved up without the written consent of that player's legal parent or guardian.
  • No league can "drain" another league so that the "giving" league loses a substantial portion of their players or teams.
  • This motion applies only to Cal Ripken baseball and Babe Ruth softball. It excludes Babe Ruth.

WBS Local Playing Rules

Financial Aid Policy

Woodbury Baseball and Softball wants to be sure that every child in our community, regardless of family financial status, is afforded the opportunity to play baseball or softball in our program.

Financial aid can be provided by request or recommendation. For a child to receive a waiver or reduction of registration and/or uniform fees, Community Services or similar agency must provide written documentation supporting the necessity. Absent additional circumstances, a child enrolled in the free/reduced school lunch program will be considered to have met the qualifications for a waiver or reduction.

To request or recommend consideration for financial aid, submit a note (including the name or names of the players) with a copy of the free / reduced school lunch confirmation or other supporting documentation from Community Services via email to:

For timely consideration, the request should be submitted no later than March 1 for the Spring Season or August 15 for the Fall Season.

2022 Coaching Policy

Baseball & Softball Travel Leagues and Rec Leagues for 2021.

As we work to provide the very best experience for your children, we have updated the coaching process for 2022 to ensure we are recruiting and giving your children the best coaches we can find in our community.

We take this process very seriously for the safety of all our children. This process is mandatory for any coach or assistant coach that work with our children without exception. If anyone is found not to have followed this process, they will be immediately removed from the field of practice and/or game.

Head Coaches:

1) Each coach must fully fill out an application.

2) Each coach must send this completed application to this email

address: president.wbsct@gmail.coms: 

3) Each applicant must submit to a free online background check.

4) Each coach must have successfully passed a training course.

Baseball: Coaching Youth Baseball - The Ripken Way

Softball: Coaching Youth Softball - The Ripken Way

  • Training only has to be taken once and put on record with the Coaching Committee.
  • All successful completion of courses will be paid for by Woodbury Baseball & Softball.

5) The coaching committee & player agent will review each application and make a coaching recommendation for each team.

6) The Board will vote on each coach.

7) Coaches will be advised via email communication.

Assistant Coaches:

1) Each Assistant Coach must be named via emailed by the Head Coach to the coach committee.


2) Each coach must have successfully passed a training course.

Baseball: Coaching Youth Baseball - The Ripken Way

Softball: Coaching Youth Softball - The Ripken Way

  • Training only has to be taken once and put on record with the Coaching Committee.
  • All successful completion of courses will be reimbursed by Woodbury Baseball & Softball.

3) Each Assistant Coach must submit to a free online background check.

Background check must be completed before any on field coaching occurs.

4) Each Assistant coach will be confirmed by a member of the coaching committee to the Head Coach.

Each application must be submitted by dates communicated by the Coaching Committee.

If you have any questions, please submit in writing to the league president.

Coaching Manual

Sports Clinic Heat and Throwing Injuries

COVID-19 Guidelines


WBS Baseball-Softball 2021 Waiver.pdf

1. Safety is the number one priority

2. Every participant (coaches, managers, volunteers, parents, umpires, etc.) must

sign the National Babe Ruth waiver. Each league needs to maintain a file of

these documents.

3. Every team must be Chartered with National Babe Ruth

4. Every team must have Insurance (it is highly recommended to have coverage for

Directors and Officers on the policy)

5. SCREENING: Event organizers, staff, coaches, parents, players,

umpires/officials must conduct daily symptom assessments (self-evaluation). In

other words, if any individual has any symptoms STAY HOME.

6. TRAVEL: Athletes are strongly recommended to travel to the venue alone or only

with members of their immediate household.

7. PRACTICE: Coaches should keep players in small groups at practice to allow for

physical distancing. Practices will be scheduled with at least a 1-hour buffer.

8. GAMES: Will be scheduled with at least a 1-hour buffer to prevent overlap of



Coaches, staff, umpires and athletes are required to wear a face mask or cloth

face covering when unable to easily keep 6 ft of physical distance from others,

unless doing so would be contrary to his or her health or safety due to medical


10. SHARED EQUIPMENT: Ensure athletes do not share equipment. This includes

bats, helmets, and catchers gear.

11.HYDRATION: All players and coaches shall bring their own water bottles. Water

bottles shall not be shared.

12.GAME BALLS: Will be disinfected before and after every clinic, practice, and


13.DUGOUTS, BENCHES, & BLEACHERS: Are allowed to open only if they can be

thoroughly cleaned before and after every use, and 6 ft of distance can be

maintained. If you don't want to or can't clean the dugout, benches, or bleachers

then just don't use them. Have the players spread out behind the dugout/bench.

14. CROWD CONTROL: Staff should assist with crowd control by reminding

spectators to maintain social distancing. Individuals shall not congregate in

common areas or parking lots following an event or practice. Family members

who attend practices and games must always wear a mask while attending those


15.PARENT SEATING AREA: Are allowed to open only if they can be thoroughly

cleaned and disinfected before and after every use, and 6 ft of distance can be


16.CONCESSION STANDS: Allowed to open but must follow Sector Rules for

Restaurants. Sales of only prepackaged food and drink do not have to follow

Sector Rules for Restaurants.

17.PROGRAM ADMINISTRATOR: Appoint a program administrator who is

accountable for implementing these rules and make sure players, coaches,

spectators keep physically distant and don't share gear or drinks. This can be a

parent or spectator. They will NOT be required to have a coaching cert or take

the abuse training.

18.IN THE EVENT OF A POSITIVE COVID 19 CASE: guidelines defined by the

State of CT in their Contact Tracing Platform must be followed and can be found


19.UMPIRES: The officials assign to work each game shall perform their duties as

they have done in the past with a couple of changes.

a. It is recommended that the plate umpire call the game from behind the

catcher as is the normal practice. If he can stay a few feet or up to 6 feet

from the catcher, and still make accurate calls that is better. If the plate

umpire does not feel comfortable behind the catcher, he may call the

game from behind the pitcher.

b. The pregame meeting will be held on the field, away from any players that

may be warming up. The Manager from each team and the umpire or both

umpires shall attend the pre-game meeting and will maintain the 6-foot

separation. If the separation from each other and from players cannot be

maintained during the meeting, then masks must be worn during this


c. The game officials must wear a face mask or cloth covering while

performing their duties.

d. Game officials must sign the National babe Ruth League Waiver Form.

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